Friday, October 1, 2010

Catch RWC 2010 Live!

Quick Update on things while RWC 2010 will be taking place in a few hours!

The Level Up! Liveblog will host a Live Feed of Team Philippines' battles (courtesy of LYTO Online Entertainment Company, Host of RWC 2010) at the RWC this October 2-3, starting at 10am.

You guys can catch RWC 2010 Live feed at the Level Up! Liveblog, October 2 -3 starting at 12noon [Southeast Asia Time, GMT+8], at:


DAY 1 Results:
DAY 1.5 Results:
Philippines VS Taiwan - 1:15pm GMT + 8
Japan VS Thailand - 4:15pm - GMT + 8

Day 2:

For battle of 3rd Team Philippines took the win with a result of 2 -0. Leaving Taiwan in 4th.

In the Finals it was the best of 5. Thailand won 3 - 1 over Japan, becoming the new Crown Champions of RWC.

4th - Taiwan
3rd - Philippines
2nd - Japan
1st - Thailand

Friendship Award - Brazil

Congratulations to everyone you did very well!
Enjoy the Moded Exp.



MarceloSix said...

Damnit, Brazil took the more difficult key, Philippines, Japan and Korea.
Pray for a miracle brothers. =p

Fen said...

What the heck is a friendship award? o_o

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...


The Friendship award is based on whoever was the friendliest, and supportive among all the teams present during the event.

Other factors play into this, but more or less it's based on how the team carried themselves at the event.

Anonymous said...

first, plz forgive my grammar.
it seem like this RWC is going to be last old system RWC and next RWC is going to be Renewal System.
From what I have hear, jRO have one and only unique Renewal system, while the other server still using kRO Renewal System.
What will happen to make next RWC fair to both side?