Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mask of Ifrit !!!

Hey guys,

This is one of the best additions I've created for the headgears in the Item Mall...players can now unleash more power of Ifrit's with wearing my new original "Mask Of Ifrit". Yes you heard it, Ifrit's mask....Not ears, MASK! Fully Animated, and well equipped with a force to be reckon with!

Seriously, this headgear took me some time to finish to make it perfect, and still today I find some mess ups, but it was accepted! What scares me the most was the over powering stats of this thing...The development at LU really came up with an unbalanced headgear, however they removed the extra possible head slots and card slots too, so it does work out. I really hope you guys find yourself enjoying this new headgear I designed! This headgear was released on offical servers as of [July 23, 2008].

Mask of Ifrit
- Str + 1 Int + 1 Mdef + 5.
- Increase 10% resistance against Fire Property attacks.
- Decrease 10% resistance against Water Property attacks.
- Enables use of Lv. 1 Sight.
- Autospell Meteor Storm Lv. 3 by a certain chance when receiving physical attacks.
- Autospell Fire Bolt Lv. 3 by a certain chance when dealing physical damage.
- Unable to refine

These stats are like having a built in Dark Lord Card on a headgear and then some! Really powerful stuff. Hahahahaha. Enjoy!

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Why so much on F2P?
I want it so bad zenny price is 60mil++ /sob

N> To hunt loot!


Anonymous said...

i have this head gear
its sooooooo cool
i have a +10 shoes of doom and
with a +10 mg dopel phreeoni and bloody knight card (still have one slot..dont know what to card to place yet. /gg)

its raininng fire when i attack

to thumbs up for ifrit mask /no1

Anonymous said...

can you tell me the percentages of the autocasts? i'm planning of buying one for my biochemist. but if the chances are quite negligible i guess i'd just stick to my fireblend. but the meteor storm sounds cool right now. pls reply asap.