Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bunny Top Hat!!!

Hey Guys,

I'm here to introduce the last of the season 1 premium collection for the Item mall! This one is my favorite original designs for a headgear by far. It's stylish, cool, animates, it surely tops the normal bunny bands, and oh of course the stats! Let me present to you the "Bunny Top Hat!", I'm really proud of this headgear because of how well I was able to come up with a unique design just for RO basing around the thoughts of an evolved Bunny Band. I'm mean, I seriously didn't think twice on the design, it was set in stone in my thoughts that If I'm doing animated ones then the ears should bounce too when walking. But LU liked the design, and Gravity accepted, so there you have it! One of my prized works officially touched servers on [ February 12, 2008 ] . Since then players seemed fonded of these new additions to the servers....But why stop there...hehehehe. I hope you guys enjoy this headgear, just as much as I do!

Heres the stats for the headgear:
-An energetic Bunny Band perfect for a magic show.
-Agi +3.
-Adds a chance to cast lv 5 Increase Agi when dealing physical damage.
-Animated [When Moving]

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

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