Thursday, July 31, 2008

Orc Hero Headress!

Hey guy,

When I was introduced the idea to create the premium headgear collection, it was to originally over write the sprite images of the Evolution version gravity made in which they reused older sprites. Well this certain headgear I recall being the 1st idea to pop in my head when I was talking with the guys at Level-Up! I explained, "Well I imaging the headdress bigger and more feathers like Orc Heros, and when u walk the feathers move." The RO team seemed impressed with the idea, so it was my 1st headgear I actually went home doing right away for them to get released to this new premium collection.

But see, it wasn't all milk and honey with this gear....I think i spent too much time on it in fact. Each feather was a Layer that I had to animate, Not only that BUT the head plate was also another layer. The thing was, I knew i did something wrong, see I was alittle rusty from doing sprites for RO fromt that time, infact I was doing sprites for another game, and see I completely forgot about the size limitations...It's not like it was bad or anything, it's just yeah you take a look at it:

So what I had to do was resize the entire thing, and redo all the layers animations and each frames layers filled with the animation! In the end I was able to finally make what I wanted with the headgear improving the size and animations...

But the troubles didn't end there....the development of LU sent me test pics of it in the server, and well....when ever you sit with it, it would slide right off , LOL. Just take a look:
FINALLY after I fixed the problem, it was officially released onto the servers by [Febuary 12, 2008]. So yeah this was one of my favorites to the collection, simply because it has alot of story that made it what it is today. Hahahaha. Well I hope you guys will join me in taking part of this wonderful headgear in the Item Mall and enjoying the greatness it has!

Heres the stats of the headgear:

Orc Hero Headress
-A true Orc Hero’s headgear.
-It’s so big and heavy that it might hurt your neck. Str +3.
-Adds a chance to cast lv 3 Power Thrust when dealing physical damage.
-Animated [When Moving]

If your interested in this new headgear I’ve developed please take your time and look for it yourself at the official Philippines Ragnarok Online Server…Enjoy!

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