Thursday, September 23, 2010

RO1: New rides for jobs

Hey guys - just a quick update. I already shared some info with Rafa over at ragnatales before posting it here, so I'll just give you guys a quick run down of things and you can visit his article over at ragnatales. Link: here

-This was jRO proposal project.
-New rides/mounts for each job. [Even gunslingers]
-Currently the stage is set for them to be Rentable, through Cash, Quests, and Events. *Please note the actual mechanics to obtain them isn't finalized yet.

-Players will be gifted with special boosts.
-Swordsman types will have NEW mounts in the future.
-Plans for the release is sometime During or After Indonesia's World Map.

Pictures can be found at the Ragnatales site - Enjoy!


Qwazil said...


Eltan said...
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Fen said...

The idea is nice, but the choice of mount for the acolyte seems out of place. Llama? D: Being that this is the holy job of the 1st classes, wouldnt it be better if it was some kind of sheep or ram? Just makes more sense to me.. What is the theif mount? I cant tell.

As for gunslinger, may i suggest a matyr mount? The way the monster looks wouldnt work though of course. =p Too short/short. Cant think of a Taekwon one though.. Dragonfly? Swordie could have a baby dragon or peco type mount?

These are very cool though. Thanks for sharing. :D

DrProfessor said...

Awh, no fair, the mage mount is JUST cooler than everyone elses. Is that a tamed, adult Nine Tails? And a Lama for me? I'm the most useful class in any game ever! I would've perfered a Cornus. Or, oh oh! A VESPER! That would teach that mage.

Fen said...

I meant to "small/short" in my above post, sorry.

Anonymous said...

How about some updates on RO2!!!