Friday, July 22, 2011

King Lion Mounts



John Lucky said...

Uhm...Chris, any chance of a special mount for the gunslingers?

They only have the Pecos, this is little sad.

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

Eventually new ones for them and the others will be released.

Dee said...

first gryphon, now lion! damn... we get ugly mados then frogs. :|

Charon said...

Are colored Ferus' for RK dead? :(

We recently got the newer RK sprite on iRO. But it simply replaced the old one. Wish it was optional. Werent they gonna make alternative sprites for each 3rd class so everyone would have 2 options?

Anonymous said...

nice burn. you still alive.

if you have time can you spend like 2 min a day/week. post the development process of ro2 please.

because a recent poll in the community show that 85% had lose the interest in the game by the lack of information. :)

Anonymous said...

mounts its cool, go go ! )