Sunday, November 1, 2009

RWC - 2009

Hey Guys,

Just a few moments ago RWC 2009 has finally came to an end, with Team Philippines taking 2nd place, and Team Japan taking 1st!

Here are some pictures of the event:
These pictures are from the courtesy of Jake San Diego's mobile phone, hehe:
Congrats to everyone! Next event - Level-Up! Live 2009! See you there!


Gabriel said...

We lost to USA. =(

I wonder if the bad connection influenced some battles like another RWC(don't remember which).

I remember the LAG made 2 Teams lose to Japan, one was Brazil and the other was in the final(2 sec. of LAG under a Stormgust =S).

[Chris Ruiz] Burn said...

All recent Regional's and RWC's are done by LAN battles so there isn't any lag as an excuse anymore, lol.

Only issues we have is when the Marshall's see an error or a flag a player from not doing what they should be, etc.

Players have the option to turn on or off Effects, and most PC's are up-to date since it comes from the sponsors.

Other then that it was a good game!

Anonymous said...

hi burn

do hv
any RWC videos ?

Ingo said...

Okay....nice...interesting... :/

But can you give us any new information bout upcoming game content?
Do you know anything bout expanded classes thats to come?

Gabriel said...

That's nice =)
It's good to see that the RWC is better now.

Imagine to be under a SG for 2s in the finals xD