Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Face Worm MVP

Hey Guys,

Before I went about working on getting ready for Level-Up Live 2008, I was working on a new monster for pRO servers to get. Which was the Face Worm...
Face Worm, appeared in the original Korean Manga of Ragnarok vol. 1...

The thing is, back in Beta days of RO, the Face Worm was going to make surface, however the development team could not justify the animation and style of it...Though they made the Face Worm card and kept it in the client side all these years, which later became a GM Card.I know now that Gravity is trying to dig up the roots of RO to put into the game, so I took liberty to make that happen for pRO 1st. Introducing the Face Worm Monster....Thought details on the mechanics on how we'll approach this is still in the works.

I had an idea where the players could buy a ticket or somthing that warps them to a new map containing the Face Worm.

The Other idea was that players could just Buy his Card after proven they've killed him...This would mean a whole seprate NPC to read off the items that the Face Worm Drops, This would pretty much be a Hyper Mart Quest thing, LOL.

Well I hope you guys enjoy! More crazy ideas and works coming soon! Till then Laterz!

1 comment:

Sirius said...

Nice design! It's just like the Manhwa one! (Even though i didn't think about it could be purple).

I hope we can see "new" monsters soon.